Dwijendralal College | Krishnagar
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Name of the Courses:
1. B.Com. ( General ) , 1968
2. B. Com ( Honours ) , 1986
3. B. A. General , 2003-04
4. B.A. ( Honours ) in Bengali and History , 2005-06
5. B.A. ( Honours ) in Philosophy and Political Science, 2006-07
6. B.A. ( Honours and General ) in Geography, 2007-08
7. Career Oriented Certificate Course in :
i. Rural Development 2007-08 ii. Tax Management 2007-08 iii. Marketing and Sales Management 2007-08
8. Honours in English and Sanskrit, B.A. 2008-09
9. Free coaching for SC, ST and Minority students 2010-2011 (West Bengal Minority Finance Corporation)
10. B.A. ( General ) in Sanskrit and Education, 2012
11. B.A ( General ) in Physical Education , 2013-14
12. B.A ( Honours ) in Education , 2019-20

The college also has study centres for other courses like Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, the University of Kalyani and the Indira Gandhi National Open University. Those facilities are added to facilitate the students of this locality who cannot go for the master‘s degree in regular courses due to various reasons; and both of the study centres run successfully with a huge number of students.

As the campus area of this college is very limited and almost all the possibilities of the expansions of the physical infrastructure are exhausted but there is still ample opportunity to grow and diversify its scope of operation, now the college is thinking for a second campus. With the help of the local municipality , the Governing Body of the college is searching for a sizeable amount of land in the nearby locality so that campus area does not cause a constraint in the path of the college‘s further expansion and diversification.

Dwijendralal College | Krishnagar