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News & Notice

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1270 2024-02-29 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program) Semester -I Old CBCS System Examination Form Fill Up   Click here
1269 2024-02-28 Notice for Department of Commerce on Special Lecture on 29.02.2024   Click here
1266 2024-02-22 Notice for Starting of Class of 6th Semester From 23.02.2024   Click here
1265 2024-02-21 Program for MA Regular 1st Semester & 3rd Semester   Click here
1264 2024-02-20 Notice for Program on Bhasha Divas   Click here
1263 2024-02-19 Notice for 5th Semester Philosophy Hons Exit Meeting   Click here
1262 2024-02-19 Notice for One Week One Lecture Project for Department of Philosophy   Click here
1261 2024-02-19 Notice for 5th Semester Practical Physical Education   Click here
1260 2024-02-19 Notice for 5th Semester GE Examination Practical   Click here
1259 2024-02-19 Notice for 5tg Semester Physical Education 5th Semester   Click here
1258 2024-02-19 Notice for 3rd Semester Physical Education Exit Meeting   Click here
1257 2024-02-19 Notice for 1st Semester Students to Collect their Application ID for University Registration   Click here
1256 2024-02-19 Notice for Admission to 6th Semester   Click here
1255 2024-02-19 Notice for Registration of 1st Semester Students   Click here
1254 2024-02-18 Notice for Commerce Department Regarding Ad on Course   Click here
1253 2024-02-12 Notice for MA Bengali Regular 1st & 3rd Semester   Click here
1252 2024-02-12 Notice for Wing for Psychological Counselling for Workshop   Click here
1251 2024-02-12 Notice for Saraswati Puja 2024   Click here
1250 2024-02-12 Notice for 3rd Semester Geography GE Internal Examination   Click here
1249 2024-02-12 Notice for Exit Meeting of 5th Semester Geography Hons   Click here
1248 2024-02-11 Notice for Department of Sanskrit for Parents Teachers Meeting on 12.02.2024 for 1st Semester Major Students   Click here
1247 2024-02-07 Notice for Weekly Yoga Practice Program on 09.02.2024   Click here
1246 2024-02-07 Notice for B.A/B.Com Hons/Program 1st Semester Appeared Review Marksheet Distribution   Click here
1245 2024-02-07 Notice for Remedial Class of 3rd Semester Philosophy Hons   Click here
1244 2024-02-07 Notice for 3rd Semester Philosophy Hons Internal Assessment   Click here
1243 2024-02-07 Notice for BA Physical Education 3rd Semester and 1st Semester Major Internal Examination   Click here
1242 2024-02-06 Notice for 3rd Semester Hons Department of English 3rd Semester Hons   Click here
1241 2024-02-06 Notice for Department of Bengali 3rd Semester Hons Internal Exam   Click here
1240 2024-02-06 Notice for Parents Teachers Meeting of Department of Political Science 3rd Semester Honours and 1st Semester Major students   Click here
1239 2024-02-06 Notice for 3rd Semester GE Internal Assessment   Click here
Dwijendralal College | Krishnagar